Monday, October 7, 2013

Falling for Fall

Like our 'paci' pumpkin?  Totally Makayla's idea!

I've really been enjoying fall so far..even if the temperatures around here the past couple weeks haven't really been screaming that fall is here!  More like summertime temps..but oh God's timing, right?!

Lately I've been...

  • reading..A LOT..and its been wonderfully relaxing!
  • enjoying time with my girl
  • trying to eat a little better (cutting out sweets is not easy when this time of the year hits!)
  • drinking more water (to keep those pesky UTI's at bay!)
  • shopping for Christmas (yes!!  I've already got several good gifts for Makayla bought and my mom's shopping is half done!)
  • shopping online (which goes with the above mentioned)..can I say how much I loooove online shopping?  makes life so much simpler.  :-)
  • crafting..with more to come!  pictures to come in another post! 
  • thanking God MORE for His blessings on me..I feel like I need to concentrate more on that!
Have you officially fell for fall yet?


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  1. Yes, I have officially "fallen" for Fall!! Yay for time to read and pumpkins. :)


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