Friday, October 18, 2013

Serenity to Accept by Elizabeth Maddrey

After reading "Courage to Change", I just HAD to read the 3rd book in the "Grant Us Grace" series by Elizabeth Maddrey, "Serenity to Accept"!!  It pretty much picks up where "Courage to Change" leaves off, only this time focuses more on Karin Reid, which is the sister of Phil Reid.  Karin, unlike Phil, isn't a believer in God.  Working in the NICU, she is used to seeing people pray for their newly born infants, sometimes many weeks premature, but feels more like their healing comes more from medicine than from God above.  She meets Jason Garcia, an ER doctor at the same hospital where she works, and is very intrigued by him.  He's definately a man of God, praying feverently before his meals in the lunchroom, and handsome to boot.  But for Jason, he's hesistant to get involved with a non-believer.  Like the Bible says, two should not be unequally yolked.  But Jason falls hard and fast for Karin after a sequence of events, and the same goes for her.  Can it work?  Or maybe the most important question is, should it work? 

I absolutely LOVED this book!  Its a must read for anyone, but especially someone who is currently looking for love and feeling discouraged, especially Christians.  Even though I am married, I remember the struggles before I met my husband, and wondering should I chance dating an unbeliever.  The plot of the book is very well written.  I just hope there is a 4th book to this series, because I can't wait to see where it leads!


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