Tuesday, October 8, 2013


We went on a little 'adventure' last week on one of Damon's days off (have I mentioned he's on a new schedule now?  I'll have to explain in another post).  Instead of going to the Pumpkin Festival, that we've done year after year (after year, after year!) we were in the mood for something else for a change.  So we headed out to Coonskin Park in Charleston..not what you'd expect in the capital city of our state of West Virginia..its definately a beautiful little gem of a place! 

And we had a blast..especially Makayla!  She got to chase ducks!  I'm pretty sure its the first time we'd taken her there....

It was a fun day as you can see..and much needed!!  If we can get back while the weather is cooler in the coming weeks..it'd be great to take a little picnic and enjoy it all over again!


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