Monday, October 28, 2013


Who says you can't get a good deal nowadays?

I walked into JcPenney's yesterday with Makayla, hoping to find her a blanket sleeper (or two) for a good deal.  And maybe some skinny jeans or jeggings too.  Cause every little girl needs them.  ;-)

We walked past the cash register in the women's department when I did a double take.  A sale rack.  But not just any sale rack of clothing, a 97 CENTS sale rack!

In Penney's?!?!?!

So of course, I went over to investigate.  Dresses mostly.  A few fancy blouses.  Mini shorts (not my style).  To my suprise, I found 2 dresses in sizes that were my size!  So after a trip to the fitting rooms, I scored myself 2 dresses for 97 cents each.  I paid less than $2 for 2 dresses!!!

Here's the proof!

I still can't quite believe my good luck!!  Oh..and here are the dresses..not the best of pictures..but you get the idea.....

Don't worry.  Makayla still got herself a blanket sleeper and a pair of skinny jeans!  I just found it funny her 2 articles of clothing cost WAY more than mine did!


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