Monday, January 13, 2014

Crisis Situation

If any of you have read the paper or watched the news here lately you might have seen the situation affecting our home state, West Virginia.

We are in the middle of a water crisis.

A chemical leaked and got into the water supply a few days ago.  We are one family of hundreds of thousands that are affected.  Nine counties have been impacted...including Kanawha which is where the capital is located for our beloved state.

Imagine using your water for nothing but flushing the toliet.  That is the situation we are in. Thankfully we are blessed to have a well but it is not plumbed inside of the house.  I have been using the water hose connected to the well and filling up containers to bring into the house to wash ourselves with as well as dishes.

As bad as it all may or may not sound...we are doing fine..but as you know water is a necessity.  We don't have a timetable as to when the chemical will be flushed from the system and we can resume using our water again.

Please pray for West Virginia when you pray..we have definitely gone through worse situations but the severity of our situation at hand is great.

To make tough times brighter...I just had to snap a picture of Makayla taking a bath (in well water..not tap as some people have freaked about about..please..I love my child more than my own self..I would never put her in danger of getting chemical burns!!!!) in the kitchen sink..she barely fits!

And myself..getting my hair good and clean!


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  1. oh my goodness! I read about this and wondered if you were affected. I'm glad to see you all have a well many prayers for a fast remedy to this.


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