Monday, January 6, 2014

New Years and Giveaway #1!

I still can't believe its 2014..can you?  Time sure does go by quick..especially the older you get I think! 

We celebrated both at my parents house and at home as well.  Damon was working New Years my parents had me and Makayla up to their house and ordered some pizza and made my grandma's punch (lime sherbet and ginger ale..yum!).  It was nice!  We hadn't really done anything like that before!

After we got home everything went pretty much like any other evening goes.  When it came time for Makayla's bedtime however, I asked her if she'd like to stay up with mommy and watch the ball drop.  It was already 10:30.

She grabbed her milk and headed towards her bedroom, so I took that as a no!

So we were probably about halfway through story time and prayer time when I heard a truck pull into our driveway.  It was Damon!  They worked a shorter shift that night, it turned out, so him coming home a bit early was a surprise!

We got to spend New Years together after all!  And after Makayla realized that daddy was going to be home..she was all up for staying up with us!  And she absolutely loved it!  She cheered and clapped when the ball dropped, declaring "HOORAY!" like something amazing had happened!

And to was pretty amazing!

Now that the new year is in full swing, lets get to some giveaways, shall we?  As I mentioned in my last blog post..I'm going to be giving away some of my books I've collected over the years.  These giveaways might go on longer than the month of just depends on if I get around to doing some cleaning out of some areas where they might be hidden! is giveaway #1!

Taste for All Seasons is simply a little cookbook I acquired somewhere over the past few years.  Its your basic cookbook with recipes for everything.  A nice addition to anyone's collection!

Beloved by Robin Lee Hatcher is a book I received in a blogging for books program (don't remember which one).  I LOVED it.  I did a review on it here, so if you'd like to check out more in depth thoughts on what I thought about it and what its all about..go and read about it there!

These 2 books are going to be offered in giveaway #1..ready..set..go!!!!

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  1. I read quite a bit as well last year. I read at least 10 books or so in
    the past year and am still doing some reading as we speak.

  2. Sign me up, I love having new (to me) books to read!


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