Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year, New Room!

I might (or might not) have mentioned that for Christmas I received some new bedding.  Well, after some sewing the other day, I finally got everything completed! 

Way before Christmas, I decided that we needed new 'winter' bedding.  I change out my bedding (quilt/comforter/etc) every season.  Our winter quilt was old.  I'm talking..I bought it when we first got married 12 years ago old!  So I did some searching online for something a little different and came across some gray and red bedding that I LOVED. 
But I didn't like the $500 plus price tag that went with it.
So I went a different route.  One that involved buying some stuff here and some there and making some myself.  Here is the rundown...
  • The comforter I got on sale at Kmart for less than $20 (I can't remember exactly how much it was now).
  • I bought one gray curtain panel at Walmart for $9.98.
  • The bed skirt was probably the most expensive, being bought at Target, not on sale for around $27.
  • The throw at the foot of the bed, also Target, and $24.99.
  • The pillows I made!  2 red shams and 3 big throw pillows.  The middle gray sweater pillow was made out of a gray sweater I bought at a consignment sale for $7!  It sure beats paying at least $25 at Home Goods for the cheapest sweater pillow I could find before resorting to being homemade!
So I guess I spent somewhere around $85-100 for everything.  Not bad! 


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