Monday, January 20, 2014

Early Valentine's Day!

Makayla and I received our Valentine's Day gifts from Damon a little early this year!  

This is Makayla's origami owl necklace!  In case you can't see it clearly, she has an "M", her birthstone, an owl, and a "love to read" book charms in her locket along with a hear chain.  So sweet!

Mine is the same locket, only a large instead of the medium.  I have the "blessed" plate and several charms (mom heart, cross, birthstone for all 3 of us, wedding ring, and a "G" initial for our last name).  We both also got dangles!

Love our gifts!!  Now hopefully when Valentine's Day does get here we won't be dealing with our usual gift we seem to receive every year....

A cold, flu bug, or some other type of yucky virus!!


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