Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Life Lately

I've had a real struggle for a couple weeks now when it comes to keeping this little blog of mine going.  But on it shall go..I truly enjoy blogging just sometimes life keeps me more busy!  Here is a little of what is on my mind today...

  • Vacation.  I'm sad it's over and am already thinking about it next year!  Going back to the beach after not having been for 10 years really made me see how much I'd missed it!  And seeing it through the eyes of a child?  Priceless.
  • Pictures.  I haven't taken a single picture (on the big camera) since we have gotten back.  Need to pick it up and get busy, especially on these beautiful late summer evenings when the light is oh so perfect.
  • Bible school.  Ours for our church is coming up next week!  Very exciting, especially since we are doing it all on our own this year!  Glad our new pastor believes in us!
  • Babies.  So many of my blogger friends are working on their second and third babies!  If we had started sooner, Makayla would have had a sister or brother (if the good Lord allowed).  But, I am content with my blessing in my blonde haired blue eyed girl!
  • Buying the Beach.  Love this show and watch it every time it's on!
  • Anonymous commenters.  Hate this.  If your going to comment on my blog, be a man (or woman) and own up to your identity.  Sometimes think of doing SOMETHING, just not sure what.  I mean, I had someone comment on a blog post several weeks ago about how much Makayla had grown and I have no idea who it was (though I do have a person in mind).  Advice???  Thinking my blog friend, Callie, has the right idea about having a private blog for pictures. Might be something I do in the very near future.
  • Gardening.  It's awesome and I think everyone should at least try it once!  We've had an abundance of green beans, yellow squash, green tomatoes, cabbage, peppers, and potatoes.  And have had tasty dinners to boot.  Yum.
  • Eating.  Good thing we've had fairly healthy meals thanks to the good old garden.  My eating habits (at night) have gone down the tube since vacation and my new love affair with Sweet Frog ice cream.  Ice cream is what I want every night now!  That darn frog..she's cute though.
  • And sewing.  I have several projects on my plate right now.  Pants for Makayla, a Kindle case, and, wait for it, a man bib!  Basically an oversized bib for the messy Marvin in your life!  And no, its not for Damon!


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  1. Sweet Frog Ice Cream? I've never heard of that...but, I do love some Ice Cream. ;-)


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