Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Toes in the Sand {2}

The second half of our vacation was spent in Virginia Beach!  I was really excited about this because I had never actually been there before (only drove through a small section, which wasn't nowhere near where we stayed).  I booked our hotel for here way back in January when I knew our vacation would be, on Priceline.  Let me tell you, I am so glad I did!  I got a fantastic rate (especially considering it was during the July 4th timeframe) and our room was awesome!  Oceanfront with a balcony, can't beat that with a stick!

Not a bad view to wake up with!
If we looked down to the left on the balcony, we could see King Neptune's statue, Makayla's favorite!
We spent our time here doing a lot!  We shopped, visited the aquarium (the turtles were a big hit with Makayla), spent time on the beach, walked the boardwalk at night, watched fireworks, and oh yeah, we survived a category 2 hurricane!!  Slept right through it! 

Makayla on the bus..she loved it!

 The big turtles, her favorite!

They made stuff from junk they get out of the ocean, pretty neat!

Fish outside the motel..too cute!

Bikini babe!

My favorite!

Us :-)


Enjoying the beach late in the evening.

And during the heat of the day!

Fireworks.  Awesome.

King Neptune

I honestly can't wait to go back!  It was such a different experience for me seeing the beach in a more 'livelier' form than the laid back Chesapeke Bay that I was used to all my life. 

Oh and did I mention, our rental car ended up being my 'dream' car!!!  You have no idea how stoked I was to get to drive the Buick Enclave!!!

Awesome vacation, awesome times!!

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