Thursday, August 14, 2014

Matching is a good thing!

Hey y'all..guess what?  We got a new roof over our heads!!

Literally!  It's something we had talked about for, well, since the day we bought our house?

This picture will explain.

Yup.  That's our house and our garage.  With mis-matched roofs.  Red tin on the garage and regular old standard shingles on our house.

And no, that was not something we did.  It was this way when we bought it 5 years ago. 

We had wanted to get things "matching" since the day the ink dried on our contract.  Of course, life happens, and the fact that we aren't made of money (and still aren't), it didn't get done as quick as we would have liked.

But that's okay.  God worked it out for us in the end, and we got an amazing deal with a guy Damon works with who just happens to do this kind of work on his days off.  So..God had His hand in this the whole time.  As always!!! 

And now, we match!!!!

Disregard the edge of the roof on our house in this picture, it was just before it was completed.  Its all good now!


We went with gray, in case you can't tell by these pictures.  I know it looks kind of white in some of them, but it is a light gray.  We wanted something that was somewhat neutral because again, Lord willing, in the future we want to get new siding for the house and to cover the garage with siding as well.

Again, so everything matches.

Blue siding definitely isn't our 'thing'.  So that will be something in the future we have to look forward to.

For now, every time I step in the front yard, I can't help but stare at our new roof.

Did I mention it matches?


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