Wednesday, August 20, 2014

To the fair we go!

We made our annual trip to the state fair several days ago and had a wonderful time!  More memories made..lots of yummy food was eaten..and many pictures taken!  My only problem is it never lasts long enough!

Me and my girl, enjoying my all time favorite fair food..calzones!!

I have to explain this picture.  This booth was next to the calzone stand and Makayla kept looking at the little girl that was painted on the stand and saying it was!  She would say, "Its Makayla!" of course, I told her we should take a picture of Makayla..with Makayla!

Love these pictures with the flowers!

Checking out the bees with daddy!

And of course you have to check out the farm equipment!

"Pretty cool, mom!"

The ducks were her favorite thing at the fair, I'm pretty sure!

I don't know what happened, but right after I took this picture she was totally terrified of the pigs!!!

Cheap (made, but not priced!) toys are always a hit!

Ahh..the sloppy grater tator and gator on a stick!

They had a bear guy is huge!!

Taking a dip in the pool after a hot day, not a bad idea!



  1. Hey Girl, it's me had to post under my google account! looks like you all had a great time out at the fair and the food looked so tasty!

  2. Mmm...I need some fair food, now! haha :)


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