Monday, December 22, 2014

Santa 'business'

I'm gonna talk a little bit about this guy today.  Santa.
This time of the year he is everywhere.  He's at the mall, on Christmas cards, on tv, and even in cartoons!  Makayla knows who he is.  But 'he' isn't something I have pushed.
Media has.
I don't care really, that she knows who he is.  What I do care about is that she knows 'he' isn't the reason why we celebrate Christmas. 
Its not called 'Santamas'..its CHRISTmas.
And she knows.
I've instilled in her since as early as she could possibly understand that Jesus is why we celebrate Christmas.  And she knows who baby Jesus is, and the angels with their trumpets as she points out every time we go down the road and she see's the decorations along the road.  She knows we give gifts because they gave baby Jesus gifts when He was born.  We read the story from the Bible every year before we open gifts. 
The one thing that does bother me, is when unassuming people come up and ask her if she's "asked Santa what she wants for Christmas and that he will bring it to her if she's good".  Um no.  I don't teach my child that.  And I never will. 
Why?  Because its a lie. 
Yes its all in good fun and nature, but it is a lie.  Why would you lie to your child, only years later to have to tell them it wasn't true after all?  Then how does that shape their minds to believe you about other things? 
Just like the Easter bunny (don't even get me started there!), Santa is right up there with biggest lies children are told.  Why don't we tell them the truth?  Because Santa is more fun than Jesus?
Jesus was a miracle baby.  Born of a virgin.  Lived 33 1/2 years.  Died on a cross.  Rose again 3 days later.  He gives us hope in a world that is full of lies and darkness. 
Sounds pretty good to me, doesn't it to you?
And you know, making Jesus' birthday a celebration isn't hard.  We can throw Him a birthday 'party'!  We even found a gingerbread nativity scene this year at Target!  We have plays at church and choirs sing Christmas songs. 
So this year, make Christ the center of your Christmas!

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  1. Amen! This was a wonderful post girl! Thank you for sharing it with me and with the world. Love ya!


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