Monday, December 29, 2014


Bear with me, as the first Monday after Christmas I'm just going to ramble for a bit.

Makayla got some new bedding and wall decals for Christmas.  She is going to have a Frozen themed room.  So bye bye to the baby room and hello more grown up little girl room.

Sniff sniff.

Anyways she was DYING to get the new "stickers" hung on her wall.  I told her we first had to take down her big tree (you remember that?  It was gorgeous..and I put it up when I was 30+ weeks pregnant).  So I peeled off her tree and some paint with it.
Sigh.  So I just finished re-painting that area on her wall after sanding and priming it on Saturday.

Nothing is ever easy.

Damon has really been enjoying his new Scolfield large print study bible I got him for Christmas.  I have had my eye on a study bible too..its a Greek-Hebrew study bible.  I think I may order it soon.  Oh..and both are King James Versions in case you were wondering.  :-)

I'm wanting to try a couple new recipes this week. One is something called "funeral sandwiches".  Seriously.  Has anyone tried them before?  I'll let you know how they turn out.  The other is some Mediterranean food.  Chicken schwarma, tabouli, and this lamb meatball thing.  It all looked very interesting and yummy!  Ill have to do a food post later in the week.

Gearing up for the New Year too.  I always take my Christmas decor down then, have a meal of corned beef & cabbage, fried potatoes, black eyed peas, and cornbread. Yum! Though I do feel like after all the sweets we've had maybe some good old fruit salad is in order.

Hope you've enjoyed my rambling Monday!


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