Friday, August 24, 2012


I believe that God can be the ultimate "dreamweaver".

Let me explain...

I had a dream last night about a flood.  My husband and I were just down the road from where we live at, helping an elderly lady we know.  She had a tarpaulin just outside her fence that was covered with grass and we were sweeping it off.  From her house, you could see the river that runs by all our houses and it was rising.  FAST.  I saw the water rise out of the banks within seconds and it was up to our necks by time we started to head back to our house.  I remember Damon and I walking down the road to our house..on keep from going under thats how deep it was.  I prayed out loud in my dream and asked God to let the water go down quickly.  Within seconds..we reached our home and there was no water to be seen anywhere.  And the land was dry like nothing had ever been there.

God heard my prayers.

Of course, I know this was a dream I had.  But..I felt like God was showing me that He does hear my prayers.  You know, we all feel at times like God doesn't hear us.  With Damon having been unemployed for the past 5 months I had been feeling lately like God wasn't hearing our prayers for a new job for him.  Sometimes we need little reminders..whether its a dream, or an encouraging word from others..that God is there and He does hear our prayers. 

I know I feel more uplifted.  :-)


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