Monday, August 13, 2012

Having Fun at the Fair!

We went to our state fair over the weekend!  I always look forward to going to the state fair.  So much to do..see..take pictures of...

And eat.

Yeah..I admit..the best part of it has to be the food!!  Where else can you find the best calzones, donuts, frozen lemonade and everything else under the sun in one location?  When we went last year..Makayla was just a little over 2 months old.

Where does the time go?

I don't know if I'd say last year was easier or this year (in regards of taking a tot along).  A newborn sleeps most of the time they are really easy to handle at that stage.  But the downside..especially if you breast they eat a whole lot more often..and being in a public place..outdoors..for an extended period of time...well let's just say you have to be creative and do ALOT of planning ahead!  This year..we didn't have to worry about that.  Just bring a sippy with lots of juice..some snacks..and your set!  :-)

What was left of our 'grater tater' before I remembered to snap a picture!

Can we say 'mean face'?!  This cracks me up..she was refusing to eat alot of what we were eating at the fair (she'll regret that one!)..I think teething had ALOT to play in part of that..she has been VERY picky at what she'll eat/not eat lately.

Ever heard of a gourmet funnel cake?  Oh yeah..reece cup..yum!

For the owl obsessed..HOW CUTE IS THIS!?

lots of quilts!

For those of you who may not know..I'm a nascar junkie!  Though Dale Jr. isn't my 'driver'..I do like him..and had to take a pic by his car!

This year I got to drink my favorite fair beverage..Zul's Frozen Lemonade!!  YES..I can have lemon stuff again!!

Flashin' those toothies!

Damon admiring the John Deere

We were matching!

Waiting on mommy to get done browsing

In the car after a long day..yes..that is a snoozin' baby in the backseat!

Too cute....


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  1. OH, it looks like a fun day! I love that picture of Makayla all tired out - so cute. :-)


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