Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pinterest Twist

I read a magazine article some time ago on this lady talking about Pinterest, and the obsession it has become for many (including myself).  She couldn't seen to wrap her head around the concept and was hesistant to give it a try and sign up.  So when she 'gave in' and became an official pinner..she thought she would give it a different spin.

Like most of us..she knew some common board themes are recipes, beauty, health, diy, home improvement..and the like.  But she wanted to do something different.

She created 3 boards and 3 boards only. 

Have Been

After I read the entire article and saw how she went about pinning for each board..I thought what a brillant idea!!!  Definately a different twist on pinning.  So I went about creating much the same idea for my own pinterest account (of course I already had many of the other common board themes in place) and found it fun to remininse of my childhood/"Have Been" (think barbies and lite brites) and thinking ahead to my future/"Becoming" (think dream vacations).  And of course nice to see what I am now (mommy, wife, blogger) in picture form.

Are you a pinner?  And if so..do you have any board themes that are a little different from the usual?



  1. That's a really neat idea! I have a BUNCH of typical boards, but I may have to consider adding something similar to this concept.

    I admit, I'm pretty addicted to Pinterest. :) I'm loving all the craft ideas, home decor and hairstyles, clothes, jewelry...you name it! :) It's a great place to go for inspiration.

  2. What an interesting idea! I like it.


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