Monday, August 6, 2012

An anniversary, some canning, and everything in between!

Boy I feel like I have alot of catching up to do!!  I kinda made a promise to myself I'd kick my blogging down a notch over the summer months to spend more time being outside and doing..well..'summery' stuff!  Even though its been a week since my last post I feel like I've got alot to blog about! 

So here goes!

I made some homemade finger paint last week for Makayla.  The paint turned out GREAT..made it with the usual homemade recipes you find using flour, salt, cornstarch, water, and food coloring.  I failed to remember that Makayla could care LESS about getting her fingers into gooey stuff.  She would have been happier crawling around in the grass half naked....

Yeah..she's a girlie-girl when it comes to stuff like that!!  She is definately a daddy's girl though.  Damon has her hooked on the Walton's.  Like when the theme song comes on..she stops whatever she's doing and looks at the tv. 

I painted my toenails the other day..using a tip I'd seen on pinterest.  Where else..right?!  Anyways...the whole sponge-on-toenail thing didn't work out quite too well (it was a mess) so I just winged it by doing it the old fashioned way.  I started with a darker shade of blue near the cuticle..went about halfway up then stopped.  I topped the whole nail  off with a lighter shade of blue.  This is what I got..must say..I'm in love!!

(and yes..I have a crazy tan line on my feet..its my sandals fault!)

Over the weekend it was our 11th anniversary!!  We had a GREAT time..went yard saleing..out to the mall..and had a nice evening at home!  I couldn't have asked for a better day!  I made our cake this year..ususally I get one from the same bakery we got our wedding cake made..but with him being laid off this year I went the more affordable route!  It turned out good...especially since I made my own buttercream!

(not as fancy..but still tasty!)

I also managed to finally get my hair cut last week also!  I wish I had took a before picture because it was REALLY long.  But I'm loving the shorter, easier to manage cut I got!  Won't be long before I'll have to get another perm put in.  *Gasp*....yes..I'm going to do it again!  It makes managing my hair so much easier than before when it was straight.  Or semi-straight. I've got naturally curly hair anyways..fighting with it to stay straight just got old so I went full on curls last fall.  And I haven't looked back since!

I made a color fade tshirt last week also.  The idea came guessed it..pinterest!  It turned out pretty well despite a splotch that turned out near the top part.  But I wore it anyways!

(excuse the mess behind me..I REALLY need to do some de-cluttering!)

And last but not least..the canning!  I made some raspberry jam before the weekend hit.  Sounds normal..right?  Not when you hear what went into it!!  I kid you not..ground up green tomatoes was the main ingredient!!  You would never know it with the end product!  Oh and the raspberry actual raspberries went into it.  Thanks to jello..thats where the raspberry part comes in!  We can't stop eating this stuff either..its awesome!!

I know it was a longer than usual post..but I had so much to catch you guys up on!  Hope you enjoyed it and didn't get bored before you got to the end!  And for all the baby lovers out there..don't worry..I'm doing a post all about Makayla and what she's been up look for that one this week also!  Until then!


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  1. You've been working on alot of projects! I love reading these update posts!


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