Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Miscellany Mommy Kinda Day!

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  • Our church homecoming was held yesterday and we had a blast as usual!  My picture was snapped once (or twice!) by our own church paparazzi (aka the pastor's wife!).  Here is one I chose to share with y'all..though I feel it is a VERY unflattering picture of myself!  I'm only sharing cause my baby girl was just too cute yesterday in her sunday best!

  • A day in the life of a very mobile baby/toddler can wear a momma out!!  Especially when you have several rooms that look like this...

  • Any tips on teaching a toddler to pick up after themselves?  And what is a good age to start?  She does some stuff on her own (sometimes)..but she's not really able to understand the whole concept of 'picking up after yourself' yet.

  • We've officially figured out what Miss Makayla will be for Halloween this year!  It was a toss up between a kitty cat and a hoot owl..but in the end the kitty won out simply because she's soooo obsessed with kitties (and has been since she was WEE little!).  I found DIY outfits on pinterest for both after we made the decision I picked up some tulle and a black feather boa to recreate our own version!  I can't wait to see how it turns out!

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via etsy

  • Speaking of pinterest (I know..don't you just love that site?!)..I'm also currently working on a project with a cozy coupe.  We were able to score one for FREE and I'm in the process of recreating it to look something like this....

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......oh I cannot WAIT to see how it turns out!!!!!!!!!


  1. I LOVE that Mini Mouse car idea! My hubby is a plumber and spends his days driving around...and he finds the best items to garbage pick! He has gotten 4 of those cars for our friends and family who have kids amongst other things :) Great idea!

  2. Melanie, I think the key to getting little ones to develop the habit of putting away their own things is to make it simple for them. We have a deacons bench in the family room that we use for toy storage. They're allowed to get out what they want as long as they put things away when they're done. We help them when it's time to put away and try to make it seem like it's not a chore, just the way things are done. For instance, have her get all the blocks or all the books (or whatever she has out that's the same kind of toys) while you pick up some of the other item. The next time, give her a different assignment that's on her level, like "Bring Mommy all those dolls" and talk about them as she brings them to you. It also turns it into a learning experience. Before you know it, all you'll have to say is "Makayla, put away your toys so we can (have dinner)(go to the store)(go to bed)" or whatever and she'll do it all by herself! It's good that you're wanting to start teaching her to do this now because the younger they learn it, the more ingrained the habit becomes. :)

  3. I care for a toddler full-time (18 months old) and he knows how to clean up. This doesn't mean he does it on his own though! But when it is time, I ask him to help pick and specifically ask him to bring me different toys and then GENEROUSLY praise him when he does. He just lights up and runs to get more toys! Thanks for linking up with us for Mommy moments this week!

  4. We are doing a zebra costume very similar to the one pictured about! I'm stoked about it!Thanks for stopping by the Mommy Moments link up!

    The Mrs


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