Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Apples and such

So Damon and I just finished peeling, coring, and slicing a bushel of apples he picked while at Morgan's Orchard (here in WV) a couple days ago.  Sorry I don't have any pictures..they were some purdy apples though let me tell you!  We put up a few quart bags of them in the freezer for later use in pies and all other sorts of yummies I'm sure to find recipes for.  We left a dozen apples for snacking and whatever we might want in the next couple of days.  Not sure of the variety..he's been trying to pronounce what he 'thinks' the guy at the orchard place told him they were but *ahem*..not quite believing him cause well..I've never heard of it before!  Plus he can't even pronouce it anyways! 

Oh least they are good!!

I'm thinking of making some blueberry applesauce out of some.  Anyone ever made their own homemade applesauce before?  I've made just about everything butter, apple jelly, and every baked good under the sun..except applesauce. 

Go figure.

But..its not a hard process (already googled some recipes) and I'm darned set on making some in blueberry flavored form for you..can..guess..who...

Hopefully she'll eat it!  Anyways..speaking of food..don't forget next tuesday (Oct. 2nd) is when Callie and I are hosting the "More Peas, Please!" link up so be thinking of your food situations with your little one..whether they are eating up a storm and asking for more or puckering their lips so tight you can't get them to try one bite!  We'd LOVE for you to link up and share your ideas, tips, tricks, or anything else you have in mind!!



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  1. I've been telling The Hubster that I want to go apple picking and I looked at the website for Morgan's the other day. I want to go there! :) Still trying to convince Hubster.
    My MIL makes applesauce but I never have. She likes using the early transparents so she always makes hers in the summer. Let me know how yours turns out! :) And....if you look at Morgan's Orchard website you can probably figure out which apples you have. They have lists and some pics, too. ;)


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