Monday, November 26, 2012

18 Months!

Its so hard to believe my little girl is a year and a half old now!  Time truely does fly...but I'm loving the age she's at now.  Just watching her is funny.  Like how she likes to go and bring us potatoes from my potato bin.  One by one.  She thinks she's doing a big job too, which makes it even funnier! 

She has a doctor appointment for this I'll know her stats then.  My guess is she's gained alot of weight since her last visit because she feels soooo heavy when I go to pick her up!  Her eating is good..some days are better than others especially when you consider she's cutting teeth left and right.  She's now got 10 teeth (I think) and trying to cut molars on one side now.  She has a top and bottom molar on the right side I believe it is.  She loves pinto beans and kiwi.  What a combo, right?!  She also just discovered banana cheerios (mommy's favorite!) and likes those!  She likes alot of other foods..but those are the 'go-to' ones at the moment!

Not sure if I shared this before or not..but at 16 months (Oct. 1st) she started walking AND she weaned herself from breastfeeing all in the same day!  I didn't quite know what to think of that one!  Anyone ever heard..are the two related?  I guess you could say that was her 'I'm growing up' day!  She runs all over the house now and gets into everything she possibly can.  She talks alot and says alot of things I still can't make out (don't know if I'm just not tuned into 'kid talk' yet or if its still jibberish)..but its a constant thing to hear her jabbering away to herself or "Ra-Ra" aka..Ravey.  She LOVES kitties and is real good about petting them right (about 90% of the time anyway).  I taught her early on when she first started to want to pet Ravey how to pet her the right way..and it seems to have worked because she's real good with her and Ravey likes it when she pets her! 

She loves talking on the phone or anything that can be used as a phone.  Her way of actually talking to someone is listening to them..then grabbing the phone..pressing a bunch of buttons..then hollering!  Its hilarious!!  Her "Aunt We" best friend Wendy..found this out a couple weeks ago when Makayla had a blast having her very own phone conversation with her one afternoon! 

Naptime is always..and I mean ALWAYS at 2pm.  She will even fall asleep in the car at 2pm if we are out that I guess you could say her internal clock is set!  She usually naps for 3 hours (2pm-5pm) but it just depends on the day and if we are home or out and about..then its alot different.  That has been her naptime for quite a while now.  She goes to sleep at night around 10pm and sleeps until around 9am.  Yes..she is a night owl and NOT an early bird!  Just like momma, you might say!

There are alot of other things I'm sure I haven't mentioned that she's doing or does all the time..but of course I don't want to make this post 10 miles long so I should probably stop at that!  I could talk all the live long day about this girl..she's my world and I can't imagine how we ever got along before she came along.  God truely blessed us with a wonderful, beautiful, sweet baby girl.  I wouldn't trade my pre-mommy life for my life with her in it now..she's definately made me feel complete and made us complete as a family.  :-)

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  1. Aunt We enjoyed that convo with makayla alot too. She was so funny and just hearing her laugh and things was precious. I'll definately cherish every phone call with her and with you too girl. Happy 18th month birthday sweet pea aunt we loves you.

    Still can't believe how big she is and how pretty too!

  2. Aww, getting so big! She's adorable, happy 18 months. :)

  3. I can't believe she's 18 months already! She is so cute. We got your Christmas card this week too, by the way, and she is adorable! I love her facial expressions!


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