Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween, Power, and Pizza Rolls

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  • We finally got our power restored last week after Hurricane Sandy blew through.  Still praying for the families affected in NY and NJ..its still so hard to imagine what happened and the magnitude of this storm.  To even think it hit West Virginia the way it did is hard to imagine!!!  Thankfully we don't live where the snows piled up in the feet..not inches..but it was still pretty incredible for the end of October. 

(Taken right before the 'hurricane' hit)

(And after..we had several inches of snow!)

  •  Due to the storm, we had our trick or treat delayed until saturday. This year I wasn't sure what to dress Makayla up as..I was torn between an owl and a kitty cat. I saw how to make some homemade costumes for each on, where else, but good old Pinterest! So since she's sooooo into kitty cats and loves all of ours so much..I figured we'd go with that this year! I have to admit..she made for one cute kitty and she enjoyed getting some candy at the few houses we did visit!!  The problem I had this year was it was so hard to get a good picture of her in costume..the girl can run FAST!

(Its hard to see in any of the pictures..but she does have a tail attached to the tutu I made!)
(You can just imagine her thinking..'CANDY'!!!)

(I decided to be 'mommy kitty'!)

(What a sweetie!  Love her smile!!)

  • Before all the craziness of last week hit, I made some awesome homemade pizza rolls!  And they turned out SO GOOD and were so simple to make!  Just take some canned biscuits (like Grands!..not the dinky small type)..flatten them out with your hand..and add sliced cheese and pepperoni and roll into balls..then brush w/melted butter and herbs and bake!  Yum!

  • And we're still praising God for the miracles He's done around here in the past week!!  I touched on it in my post "Walking by Faith"..but even more has happened since that post.  I'll give y'all more details once Damon officially starts his new job (we're hoping this week)!!  :-D



  1. What a sweet little kitty makayla made! Her mommy also made a pretty momma kitty! Those pizza rolls you made sounded and looked really good!

  2. OH my, she is the cutest kitty I've ever seen! Thanks for linking up for Mommy Moments Blog Hop!


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