Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Story

This is the story I've been waiting to share.  Praying about.  Wondering if it would ever come to fruition.  Well my friends, it has.  The day is finally here!  The day I've been waiting to share with you all...

Those are Damon's new mining boots.  Yes..he is going to work in the morning!!  It is official!  And boy..has it been a long and stressful road!!

Let me share the past weeks events with you.  Your in for a good read of what God can do!

As most of you know by now and are probably tired of hearing me repeat myself at this point, Damon (aka hubby) has been laid off from his coal mining job since March of this year.  It has been a long road.  We've been getting by..but thats about it.  Thats about all you can do when your 'get by'. 

Month after month had passed.  At first, it was okay.  We were just happy having him home and not worn out from work.  But of course like all things, reality set in after things in our area seemed to go from bad to worse, job wise.  Nothing looked good.  Nobody was hiring.  Summer came and went with no traces of a job to be found.

Fall came and depression seemed to set in.  We wondered if we'd have to move.  We even looked into jobs in other countries (no I'm not exaggerating) for him.  West Virginia is our home though and the last thing we wanted to do was leave..but we also knew time was running out.  And fast.

Prayers went from asking, to what felt like begging God, to open a door.  ANY door.  But then it hit me.  God doesn't want us to settle.  In anything in our lives.  It made me think back to before I met Damon and how hard and long I prayed for a husband.  God didn't want me to settle for less when looking for my future mate..nor did He now want Damon to settle for less than what he deserved in a job. 

Our prayers became more fervent.  I honestly felt like things were getting close.  Jobs were starting to appear in the paper for the first time in a long time.  Could God be about to open a door?  I would get so excited at just the thought. 

Then things started happening.  He had one job offer.  But it was really far away and it just couldn't work.  Then he got another offer.  This one was last week that I first mentioned in this post.  But it didn't pay great.  We were happy..but I still felt like maybe it wasn't "it".  The next day..he got another call for yet another job.  And it payed almost double what the first one offered us!  It was incredible!  The only insurance.  I thought..well..we can make it work.

Little did I know..that yet one day after this..he got THE CALL.  It was a job doing something he'd done before.  In the mines, no less.  At a mine he'd worked for before too.  The pay?  Pretty much what he was making at the time he was laid off this past March.  Oh yeah..and there is insurance.  Good insurance. 

You see how God had the perfect job lined up for him at the perfect timing?  And how it was the right job not only for him..but for us as a family?  God wanted the best for He does for all of us. 

I learned something in the past 10 months.  I learned that trusting God is something that you learn once, but it doesn't stop there.  Whether a situation is big or small, we have to trust that God will see us past difficult things.  Sometimes in life we get tested.  And in turn, our faith can be tested.  Its up to us, as Christians, to be ready when disaster may strike.  Nothing that happened to us in the past week was 'coincidental'. 

It was all God.  :-)



  1. Yaaay! Such a happy post!!!! :)

  2. So happy for you Melanie!! I can only imagine what a tough year it's been for you and your heart. So glad you stayed faithful and thankful for how God came through as always! Yay for new jobs! :)

  3. YAY!!! I am sooooo tickled and happy for Damon and you both girl! God is amazing and when the word impossible comes up God says "with Me there is no such thing as impossible" It's wonderful blessed news that Damon is back to work!

  4. Praise the Lord, I'm so happy to hear that he found a job, and such a good one too!


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