Monday, November 19, 2012

A Very Long Week

I had hoped to get alot accomplished last week (hence my "mini" blog vacation) but things didn't turn out quite how I had expected.  I did manage to make this really cute turkey wreath for my mom.  Idea from pinterest, of course!  I just love all the things you can do with tulle!

But anyways, thursday came around and things sort of fell apart.  Before Makayla woke from her nap, I took mom's turkey wreath and put it out in my car.  We were going to head up for a visit after she woke up.  Our cat Thomas hadn't been around much earlier that day and when I came out of the garage I saw him.  He had passed away.

He was laying by one of our buildings, laying in the sun like he often does.  Damon had seen him earlier lying there but he looked up and meowed at him like he always does.  Nothing seemed amiss.  We are guessing that just with the things he's endured over his life (getting shot and losing an eye, and losing his tail because of the lawn mower accident a couple months ago) plus the fact he was more than likely alot older than what we thought he was, his heart just gave out.  I'm glad he went peacefully.  But I was pretty unconsolable for a couple of days.  I had never 'found' one of our pets in that state and never had to deal with it by myself (Damon was at work).  My parents came down that evening and my dad buried him though.  But the events of that day made last week seem like one of the longest I've ever endured.

I was happy to come across some pictures over the weekend however, of me and my beloved 'tom-tom'.  I honestly didn't think we had any of me and him together because I'm the one taking the pictures 98% of the time.  We had lots and lots of him with Damon and him by himself, of course.  But this made me so helped my heart to begin to heal....

Gosh I miss that boy.

Despite all of that, we have gotten into the swing of things around here with Damon working again.  I can't tell you all what a relief it is.  More than I could ever put into words.  He's working day shift this week due to the holiday week and will be off for Thanksgiving which also happens to be his birthday!  Yay! man was a turkey!  We have lots to do this week.  Makayla and I are going grocery shopping for last minute grocery stuff monday.  I have a few phone calls I need to make (one regarding Damons bday present).  An apple pie to bake.  Party to have.  Black friday shopping to be planned. 

Yeah..its the holidays all right!

I'm looking forward to getting my tree up so I can attempt to get some good shots of Makayla in front of it for our Christmas cards I plan on doing online.  I'm hoping that goes well..she tends to not want to stay still for the camera very long these days.  She's had on some of the cutest dresses the past couple of sundays for church.  I managed to get a couple good shots..and by that I mean not a total blur!!

In love w/this black and white dress!

She loves carrying around my heels!

Daddy's favorite dress..a purple velvet number!

Hard to say just yet if there will be anymore posts coming this week or not...I'm leaning on not since its looking to be a packed week (as I know it is for the rest of you all!) around here.  So if you don't hear anymore from me for the rest of the week..have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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