Wednesday, July 17, 2013


This is why I blog.

A lot of people blog for various reasons.  To keep in touch w/family and friends who live far away/apart from one another, to keep record of their family growing through pictures and posts, for recipes/cooking, to show off (yeah..there are some out there!), and lots of other reasons.

But I blog mostly for the community.  I blog because I had a desire to meet other people (aka bloggers) who were like me. 

Married, raising children, and who believe in God.

Where I'm from, I don't have many 'friends'.  Sure, I'm friendly with people that lives around me, but I don't have real 'connections' with most of these people to where we would hang out or go places together once in a while.  And that's fine with me. 

Through blogging, I have met a lot of fantastic people.  Some I believe, if we lived near one another, we might even hang out once in a while!  Kinda awesome! 

I've read a lot of stories of these fellow bloggers.  Felt like I've went on their journeys right along with them.  From getting married, to struggling with (or not!) pregnancy, being pregnant, reading birth stories (my FAVORITE!), and raising their children, mixed in with trying to be a Godly woman and keeping Christ in their homes.

Its not about being perfect.  About living in the perfect home, in the perfect neighborhood, dust and clutter free (don't I wish!), with tailored pants and form fitting blouses all neatly pressed.

Its about being real.  I want connections with those who are real people..who live life..who love life..and love God. 

I say all of that to say this.  I follow a lot of blogs.  A LOT.  Most of them I don't read on a daily basis.  One fellow blogger that was in my 'list of blogs' I follow, started standing out more to me over the past few months.  I admit, I hadn't read her blog much before.  She has a son who has a speech delay (he's making great progress!) and that was what first caught my eye. 

This week, she had her anatomy ultrasound on her second baby (Levi), and at first the doctors feared he had Trisomy 18.  It was devastating news, as you can imagine. 

I felt so upset about the news myself, even though we've never met and really never emailed or commented much through our blogs. 

That's community, folks.  When you are sad with your fellow bloggers and when you rejoice with them when they get good news.  I am happy to report, on her blog post today, they found that her son does NOT have Trisomy 18!  He will have difficulties and they will learn more about what that might entail in the coming weeks (and months).

We are rejoicing and Praising God for the miracle that baby Levi already is..even though he is still in his mother's womb. 


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  1. I love this! I blog for the community too. This reminds me of that verse that says to bear each other's burdens - blogging is a great facilitator for that!


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