Thursday, July 11, 2013

Vacation 13'

As I mentioned in my last post, we had an unexpected vacation this year!  So here I was at the last minute, scouring the internet and making phone calls to find us a place to stay and a rental car to book (with the best price, of course!), washing up clothes, cleaning the house, making lists, and packing everything plus last minute shopping for snacks for the road! 

I was beat by the time we left!

We had a great stay in good old Amish Country in Ohio once again.  It never disappoints.  We've made countless memories there in the past several years and everytime we go I kinda wonder will we grow tired of it.

Never happens.  Probably never will.

Its kind of our home away from home.  Have you ever went someplace and it just felt right?  Like you belonged there?  This is how we feel here.  Its great and we love it.

Though we couldn't stay at our favorite place (they were booked), we were able to stay in a cottage which was wonderful!  They had a pond and a big playground area, complete with a wooden Noah's Ark!  It was definately better than staying in a hotel.  Makayla loved running around and playing in the afternoons and the setting was very relaxing.  Just what we needed....

in front of the pond...

the living area of our cottage...

taking a walk w/daddy

enjoying the afternoon

pure beauty

our cottage and rental car

big girl going down the slide!

doin it all by herself!
Best pictures (from this trip!) of my little girl coming tomorrow!


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