Tuesday, July 23, 2013

One fish, two fish, pink fish, blue fish!

We added another 'member' to our big fish tank over the weekend!  When we returned from vacation, I sadly lost two fish within a week.  One had been sick for a while, so it was expected.

The other one, however, was mortifying.

He had to of gotten caught or stuck in something.  I never figured out what or where either.  That's the worst of it.  One night, I was kinda doing a 'head count' as I do every night before I turn off the fish tank light.  Of course, I don't actually count all my fish (we have a lot)..just look them over to make sure nothing seems out of sort.  Well, we had two glow in the dark yellow tetras (they are hard to miss) and I only saw one.  I looked for a long time, even turning over some of my decor inside the tank. 


I gave up and turned out the light for the night, with only one fish 'glowing' instead of the usual two.  I knew something bad had happened.

The next morning, Damon was up before me as usual.  He called out to me when he heard me get up and brushing my teeth, "Were you looking for a yellow fish last night?".  Yes..I call back.  "Its lying at the bottom of the tank.".  Ugh..just what I figured.

Until..I turned on the light and HALF of the fish was there.  It looked like something really big had just bit off half of the poor guy.  I never found his remains.

We may have a piranha!  Kidding..but..I do wonder.....

So..we had to go fish shopping!  I saw that they'd come out with pink glow in the dark tetras since we had purchased our yellow ones (either that or I'd just never seen them before)..I really wanted one so thats what we came home with!  He's really pretty too!

Its pinky!

With the yellow one...
I think the next time we're out near Petsmart, I may get another gourami too.  At first, I despised the one I'd bought when we first got our tank set up. But since then, he's settled down a lot and has become one of my favorites!!  I love this BIG guy!  You can't tell it..but he's really big (probably 4 or 5 inches long at least)!

And like the title of this post says..I may just have to get a blue gourami!  ;-)


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  1. Weird about only finding half the fish! I love the ones you have, so pretty!


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