Thursday, October 13, 2011

25 Things...

I actually did this on facebook last night cause I thought its just one of those fun things to do to get to know people a little better.  I got it from a magazine where they ask a celeb "what are 25 things we may (or may not) know about you".  Here are my "25 Things".

1. I was a blonde when I was little.

2. I can have a lead foot when I drive.

3. I was voted "Shyest" in my graduating class.

4. I was #8 of my graduating class (in the top 10).

5. I almost went to college to become a professional chef.

6. My all time favorite movie is Hope Floats.

7. I met my best friend online.

8. I became a christian at the age of 15.

9. My husband is the only man I've dated.

10. I didn't want children until I was 32.

11. Being a mommy is the best thing EVER!

12. Sometimes singing annoys me..even at a concert.

13. I love the TASTE of coconut but HATE the texture.

14. I love shoes and purses a little too much!

15. I am a cat person, 100%.

16. My grandpa gave nicknames to his kids and grandkids. Mine was "Ho-Ho" because I was born in December.

17. Me and my grandma's birthdays are exactly 1 week apart, and I've always found that neat.

18. Four people in my family (myself included) have their birthdays the same numbers. Mine is 12/12.

19. When I was younger, I could tell you the batting average and most every detail about each of the Cincinnati Reds players.

20. I named my cat after Raven Symone.

21. I'd secretly LOVE to be on Dancing with the Stars..even though I'm not a star.

22. I LOVE magazines.
23. I cried like a baby when I traded in my first car I ever owned for a newer one.
24. Me and Damon watch Hee Haw every sunday night.
25. When we dated, we watched Bull Riding on tv while talking on the phone to each other every sunday night.


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  1. This is a fun post, Melanie! I like how you guys used to watch bull-riding and talk on the phone when you were dating - fun! I love watching the PBR.


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