Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our Weekend!

We had a REALLY busy weekend around here!  And now I've got the starts of a cold..not the great ending I was hoping for! 

Friday was quite the day.  We started out attending the funeral of Damons second cousin..he passed away unexpectidly at the age of 44.  So sad.  That afternoon was my 15 year high school reunion (how old am I!).  So it was definately a day filled with ups and downs!  Here is a couple pictures taken of my reunion..we had a good turnout considering...

On saturday..we went to Babcock State Park to take our annual fall pictures!  It was extra special since we had Makayla there for her very first visit!  She did great and the pictures turned out well too!  Here are a few of my favorites...

Sunday was church day, of course.  I made a big mistake of putting Makayla's milk in a sippy cup I'd bought her the day before (don't get me wrong..she LOVES the sippy cup..but I didnt realize how messy they can be!) and had to end up taking her to the bathroom for the majority of the church service to switch it over to her bottle, change her diaper, and get her settled down.  I 'think' she's teething.  Her sippy has a nipple with little bumps on it for teething babies.  She was going to down on that thing!  Oh well..better luck next time!  At least I got to hear a good message by Joel Osteen on tv that morning before we left!  Damon gave me a hug when we got home..he could tell how frustrated I was. 

That was all I needed.....


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