Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Standing up for what you believe in

More and more, you read and hear about people standing up for the things they believe in.  While that is good in most instances, others it can be questionable.

Let me try to explain my feelings.

My Bible teaches me what is right..and what is wrong.  What is sin..and what is not.  Its black and white.  There are no 'gray' areas..God made the Bible plain and simple for us to understand.  Why is it then, people are treating some sin as if its nothing to worry about.  They stand up for things that are SINFUL..instead of standing AGAINST it.  Its scary.

Standing against sin doesn't make you judgemental.  I feel that if anything, your an 'aware' Christian..your aware of what the particular sin is.  After all..God loves the sinner..but not the sin. 

There are alot of things I could write on this subject..alot of things going through my mind as I type this post.  But the one thing I guess I want to convey most is this....

'Be mindful of the things you stand for.'


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  1. Sounds like a hard place! It sounds like your step-daughter hurt your feelings. I don't know the situation, but for what it's worth - I guess I'd just encourage you to love her well and to make sure you aren't responding out of anger or hurt. And just remember that you're the adult. Sorry friend for the ickiness of the situation! Love her well!!


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