Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A new creature

I bought another loach.

I couldn't help myself.  Into the pet store I went, looking for some much needed ammonia strips (which they had none of) and I went over past the fish tanks. 

I just had to look, ya know.

And there they were.  A tank with about 4 or 5 golden loaches.  Swimming around like nobody's business.

I was jealous.  My black loach I've had for a few weeks hides.  All..the..time.  Such a scardy cat..err..I mean fish.  I thought..'maybe if I get another one they'll play together'. 

How does the saying go..2 of a feather flock together?

Whatever that means...

Anyways..so I brought home the new loach.  And he swims around EVERYWHERE.  So much so I'm afraid he's gonna jump out of the tank!  So exciting..and Makayla LOVES it! 

And you know..my black loach is a little more sociable now!   He even learned a new trick from the gold loach.

How to play dead.

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  1. Oh wow, I'm not sure I've ever seen a fish like that!

  2. LOL! that loach is something else and it's just like max and snow. Snow how to teach our rather stubborn birdie max how to do things in his cage and now they do everything together. Your new loach is teaching shy loach some good things...lol!


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