Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My "Dot"

I like my dot.

Dot on the map, that is.

We all live on a "dot"...whether it's a small town dot or a big city dot.  I happen to live in a small town (in case you haven't figured that out by reading my blog for a while).  And I actually like it.

I know some people around here who don't..for various reasons.  And I don't blame them.  You know how the old saying goes, everyone knows your business before it leaves your house in a small town (or however it goes!)...it's true most of the time.

And yeah..not much exciting happens around here.  Save for the occasional ball game or festival 30 minutes away that happens every summer.  And church, of course.  But no, we aren't off to see the newest art exhibit around the block on a Friday night or anything remotely close.

What got me started on this, you might ask?  Well, as I was doing some spring cleaning a bit ago (yes, I started and yes, it's February!), I remembered a conversation I had with a delivery man a while back.  I told him the reason he probably wasn't catching many of his regulars on his route home that afternoon was because there was a big "game" that evening and a lot of people were going.

He responded with a "well no wonder...there's nothing ELSE to do around here!".

True, I suppose.  But if you don't like my "dot" and would rather have your city lights and constant noise, then that's your opinion.  I'd rather see this out my front door than a bunch of traffic and commotion any day.

Yes..that's Christmas garland on my post on my front porch! 


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