Tuesday, February 18, 2014

V-Day disaster strikes again!

If you know my family well enough you know one thing about us and Valentine's Day.

We have bad luck.

Don't know why.  But it seems over the years, that one disaster or another has struck either on or very close to Valentine's Day. 

Truth be known, I almost dread the holiday because I don't know what tragedy is going to happen.

Thankfully, this year we managed to avoid any tragedies.  Well, almost.

The day was going pretty well.  Instead of getting to celebrate the day before with a dinner out, a day of shopping, and all that, we got snowed in.  Not that it was a bad thing.  But it kinda left me hanging the day after as to dinner plans at home.  I needed to hit up the grocery store!

So on Valentine's Day we got the driveway dug out enough from the 12 inches of snow that had accumulated beforehand to where I could get my car out and I could make it to the nearest grocery store (granted, not my usual place) before the next snowstorm was suppost to hit.

And yeah..my trip down there wasn't good.  I encountered more than one rude person on my shopping excursion.  In every aisle I went down.  Hmmph.

But me and Makayla survived and made it home, groceries in tow.  So we decided to make Daddy a big cookie 'pizza'..you know..like they have at the malls.  With writing and all.   We were on a mission.  A cookie pizza mission.

All was going well.  We made up some chocolate crinkle cookie dough and got it spread in a greased pizza pan.  Put it in the oven to bake.  Thing was, I wasn't sure how long to cook a cookie "pizza".  So I guessed and left it in for about 9 minutes and figured I'd check it after that.

Well, I pulled it out of the oven and did the toothpick check.  Underdone.  So back in the oven it went.

And that's when tragedy struck.

What I didn't know about my fairly new non-stick pizza pan was just now incredibly non-stick it was.  Added in that I greased the pan before putting the cookie dough on it, when I slid it back in the oven to bake for a few more minutes, it slid right off the pan and half of it landed in the bottom of my oven.

And so the tradition continues.  Hey, at least it wasn't a stomach bug, someone getting their head gashed open requiring staples, the flu, or something like that!  And yes, that has been some of our experiences in Valentine's Days past!!

Thankfully the following day, we redeemed our cookie project and made one and it turned out good, with a very careful plan to not drop half the cookie in the oven.

And of course, we didn't have to worry about it being the 14th.  :-)


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