Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Red Beauties!

So Makayla and I went out the other day.  I had several reasons for our spur of the moment trip.  Fish supplies for my ailing fish, household supplies, Makayla's bacon that I forgot to buy on our last outting.

Oh, and strawberries!

I saw that morning that they were going to be some people over that way selling strawberries from Florida.  And they were supposed to be out of this world.

How could I not go?

So we came back with a full flat of the red gems.  Totally worth it too.

                                 This was the inside of my fridge..packed full of them!

So far I've made a strawberry crisp......

And I've spent a few hours today making some jam.  Strawberry and also strawberry-banana.  


Filling the jars....

Finished product.

So worth it!  Plus I still have 3 pints left!


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