Thursday, May 8, 2014


I went to another fantastic consignment sale again a few days ago!  I definitely didn't leave empty handed and wanted to share with you all, if you've never shopped consignment sales for your kids, so that maybe you'll be inspired to hit one up if there are any near you anytime soon!

And if you don't know what its all about..let me explain briefly before sharing my pictures.  You have kids.  Kids outgrow clothes.  Fast.  Most times the clothes they outgrow are in pretty good shape (especially when they are little).  Enter consigning!  Depending on what kind of shop/sale/etc you go through, you will either drop all of your items off at said place, and they will price and tag everything for you and in return, when your items sell, you will get a profit of the sales (typically anywhere between 50-75%).  Or you might be able to do a sale where you can price and tag your own items.  It just depends.  I consign Makayla's clothes at a nearby consignment shop.  I don't control the price or tag, its done for me.  I get 50% of the sales.  Its pretty good because its less work for me!

Back to the sale I went to!  Here is what I came back with:

  • 1 dress
  • Pajama set that included 3 shirts and a pair of pants
  • 2 outfit sets
  • 3 pairs of shorts
  • 1 skirt
  • 7 shirts

2 shirts, 3 shorts, 1 skirt (there is another pair of shorts behind the yellow ones)

Outfit sets (how cute is the polka dot one?  Gymboree!)

Pajamas and dress (again, Gymboree!)
Do you consign?  Or shop consignment?


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