Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Her "big" present

I know I didn't mention what all Makayla got for her birthday, but that was on purpose because I wanted to share it in a separate post!

This year we got her a bubble machine with plenty of bubbles to go along with it, a Melissa and Doug ice cream set, and Minnie Mouse shoes.  She got lots and lots of clothes, money, a new pool, a puzzle, her first paddle ball, Minnie Mouse tambourine, and a flute.

But her big gift from us this year was a swing set!!

We picked it up the day before her party and finally got it all put together almost a week later!  Needless to say, Damon was glad to see it done!  Poor guy works evening shift and had very little time to work on it throughout the week but he never gave up and worked every day on it with what little time he did have.  He's a great daddy!!  And Makayla is one lucky little girl! 


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  1. What a nice swing set!! I suppose we will need to get one in the future. ;-)


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