Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Little Something Different

So I thought I would talk a little about something I don't bring up on the blog that often.


I love make-up.  Wear it everyday.  I don't like the over-done look.  Natural looks best!

About a month ago, I bought a couple new products at good old Wal-Mart to try out.  I was very impressed and have to say I made some good choices!

  1. Equate (Wal-Mart brand) Age Resisting Classic Cleanser.  I normally use some sort of face wash when I bath to get the make-up off my face at night.  This is the knock-off of Olay Age Defying Classic Cleanser and I feel like it does a great job!  My face feels clean after I use it and hey..I might not be 'old'..but it doesn't hurt to start a good 'age-defying' regime even at my age!
  2. Equate Anti-Wrinkle Cream with sunscreen.  Again..doesn't hurt to start early with an anti-age regime!  I use this under my concealer everyday and it helps the concealer to go on smoother.  Doesn't leave a greasy mess on my skin, and I have oily skin so that's a plus!
  3. Yves Rocher Riche Crème Ultra Reconstuctive Balm.  I bought this years ago from the mail order beauty company Yves Rocher (they are pretty awesome if you've never checked them out!) but hadn't used it..ever.  In fact, it might have been a freebie in one of my orders now that I think about it.  Anyways, after I began using this my neck started to break out in splotches.  So I stopped using it.  But then I realized it wasn't this product, it was some perfume I got for Christmas!  I'm allergic to aloe vera (I know..right?) and I didn't realize it was in my perfume.  I haven't started using this again, but I plan on it!  It has all natural ingredients and I used it after I bathed at night, sort of as a night crème, if you will.
  4. Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation.  I gotta say..I love this stuff!!!  I love all of Rimmel's products, I've used several of them especially in the powder/foundation line.  Its my go-to brand, plus its inexpensive!  I would say though that you need some sort of cream to put on before you use this unless you have SUPER oily skin!  I forgot to put on my Anti-Wrinkle Cream one day and went straight to didn't go on as smooth as it does when I use my cream beforehand, so I would recommend doing that.
  5. Maybelline "The Colossal" Volume Express.  I love mascara, but its not something I truly need.  I have long lashes (don't be jealous!) but I like for them to kind of pop and wearing mascara does that.  This is a good mascara, I have no dislikes about the product.  It works for me!
So that's been some new products I've tried as of late! case you were wondering..I did get a picture of myself on day right after putting on my make-up (Did I ever mention I wear make-up pretty much everyday?  I feel naked without it plus I like looking nice for my man!).  I thought my complexion looked pretty great!!

What are some of your favorite make-up products?


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  1. fun post! I am a big minimalist when it comes to make-up. But I do love Target's face moisturizer with SPF. I also love a good easy-glide eye-liner in mocha...usually covergirl. :)


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