Tuesday, March 18, 2014


So I hit up a great consignment sale over the weekend!  Makayla made out well once again and is getting close to being set for her spring/summer wardrobe.

Did I mention my 2 year old wears a size 5?  Unreal..I still shake my head over that one.

Anyways, for less than $90 I came out with:

4 Dresses (the purple one is definitely a church dress and not for everyday wear)

Bikini from Children's Place

 Cute patchwork shorts from Children's Place

4 Tops

Loved this outfit set

For July 4th..for sure!

Would be cute for the beach!
So in total we bought 4 dresses, 3 outfit sets, 1 bikini, 4 shirts, 1 pair of shorts, and a bikini.   I think I made out pretty good! 
Do you shop consignment for your kids?


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  1. You always find such cute things at consignment shops!


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