Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Makayla 'stuff'

I thought I'd do a little post on things about Makayla you may (or may not!) know here goes!!

  • She wants bacon for breakfast..pretty much 7 days a week.  But she also eats 2 fruits for breakfast too.  The bacon is almost always a must though.
  • Lately she does NOT want to go to sleep at night!  She almost always gets up out of bed about 5 minutes after I lay her down.  Then we're pretty much good for the night.
  • Speaking of sleep..have I mentioned she's a night owl?  Yup..just like mom and dad.
  • She also sleeps in late in the mornings.  None of us are up before 9am.  Fine by me!!
  • She's became obsessed with her 'crack'!  Yes..there I said it!  When I get her undressed for bath time every night, she points to her butt and yells "crack!!!"!!
  • She loves to read.  And sing.  And learn.
  • She's still not potty trained.  Not even remotely close.  And I'm actually kinda ok with that.  It'll happen in good time!
  • She loves to run her hands through the clothes in my closet and say, "Dress!!"!  She thinks all clothing items are 'dresses'.  Even daddy's.
  • My Kindle is her latest addiction.  Pretty sure she's going to need one of those kid versions (Nabi, Nobi?).
  • She loves for me to paint her toenails. much for the list.  I'm writing this at night, after I put her in bed.  She's up for the 2nd time and its 12:30!

Anyone else hear the owl 'hooting'?


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