Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Bear with me, as this post is something that's been 'swirling' around in my mind for the past 24 hours or so.


I have one child.

And that's probably all we will have (unless the Lord will see fit that we have another..and if He does..that's ok with me!).

You know what..that's what Damon and I plannedWe never had planned on having a bunch of kids.  To be honest, I never planned on having any.  But God changed my heart on the first Christmas we celebrated together in our new home and I longed for a child after that.

After having a miscarriage, I became pregnant the following month.  I was thrilled.  And scared.  And everything else a new, expecting mother could be.  Until I heard Makayla's first cry in the delivery room, I was afraid.

I'm not afraid to have more children.  I'm just content with one. 

God destined me to be her mommy.  This is something I cannot be more thankful for each day.  I know so many others right now who are facing different things related to motherhood.  First time parents, second time parents, even third time parents!, infertility, adoption, thinking about adoption.  Each has their own unique path, their own story to tell.
But my story starts with one.  And ends with one.  And I'm ok with that.  And I pray for those who are struggling with their own unique joys and burdens that comes along the path we call 'motherhood'.


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  1. beautiful post Melanie struggling with the to do it again or not decision myself.


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