Monday, March 31, 2014


Makayla and I went into Homegoods the other day in search of a new kitchen rug and maybe more.

*wink wink*

You know how it is when you get in that store (or maybe it's just me?).  Suddenly everything you see is deemed 'gorgeous' and you find yourself saying "oh I just love that!" at about everything you pass.

Now before you think I broke the bank with our shopping excursion, let's tell you I only spent $40 total and it was money well spent!!

The one thing we bought that I had no intentions on getting before we stepped through the doors ended up being the best $20 I think I've ever spent!!

I bought this hamper and am using it instead as a toy bin.

Best idea ever!

We originally had a pink wicker storage box with a liner in this corner.  It's a beautiful thing for storage but wasn't functioning anymore.

Aka - Makayla had toys stacked about 2 feet taller than said box.

So we used this hamper-turned-storage bin instead and I moved her wicker box into the living room.  She has a ton of books stored in a cute $5 goodwill end table that I spruced up a while back.  Problem was..all the books could only fit in it one way and I was always the one having to put them away.  So I moved all the books out of that into the wicker box (now she can pick them up!!) and put various stuffed animals into the end table (again..she can clean up and put her toys away).

You could say that $20 purchase was a win-win situation for mommy!!

Oh a side note..we did buy a kitchen rug..also $ on that tomorrow!


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