Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Kitchen stuff

I became a busy little bee last week and got to work on a new kitchen valance!  I was craving something fresh for springtime and this green fabric was just the trick!!

I used coordinating fabrics I bought at good old Hobby Lobby and just love the end result!  So after I finished this I realized now I needed a new rug to go with everything.

Hence the trip to Homegoods that I blogged about yesterday.

I found this rug for $20 and at first wasn't sure if it was the right color because I forgot to take a swatch of fabric to match things up with me.  So I decided to buy it anyways and if it didn't work I could always return it.

I'm so glad I snatched up this rug.  Not only was it the last one like it left but it also has the same design that the bottom half of my valance has!!

You could say it was a great day for shopping!!


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