Monday, April 21, 2014


We had a great Easter around here, minus a few mishaps which I'll mention later.  I'd rather start with the good and end with the bad on a post like this..where we celebrated the death and resurrection of Jesus!  :-)

Makayla and I did a craft a few days before Easter.  We made a "Jesus Tomb" as I call it..similar to the one we made last year but this year we made it more realistic..with rocks and moss and such.  It turned out great and Makayla liked doing this better than hunting or coloring Easter eggs! 

We went to church yesterday morning and heard another wonderful message by our new pastor!  Did I ever mention we have a new pastor at our church?  Another post for another time.  ;-)  Makayla looked so adorable in her outfit!  And would never know her dress was bought at a local consignment shop for $6.99!

We had dinner at my parent's house around 2.  My mom and I had Cornish hens and left the ham for everyone else..we just aren't much for ham!  It was a nice change and afterwards Makayla got to play with some bubbles they had for her in her Easter basket!

And speaking of Easter baskets..she loved the one we put together for her this year!

And lastly, a couple of pictures with her daddy and mommy..hope everyone had a blessed Easter!


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