Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Home Tour--Laundry Room

Today we'll be touring the laundry area of everyone's home.  If you haven't participated in Natalie's home tour posts now is the time to join up!!  Its been alot of fun looking at pictures of everyone's homes the past several weeks and gaining some neat ideas on decorating!!  I don't know about everyone else..but I'm sure going to miss the home tour posts (what will we do on tuesdays?!?)!!

Ok..so let me explain a little about my laundry room first.  When we moved into our home..the gray tile looking paneling thats in our kitchen was continued into the laundry room (its located right off my kitchen).  Well..I'm not totally crazy about that paneling.  For the kitchen..its ok..for now I guess..so I left it alone when I went a-paintin' before we got our furniture and selves moved in.  The laundry room though..I just couldn't stand it in there.  The laundry room at our home is small..smaller than what I was used to with our rental house before..and there are no windows (unless you count the small window on the door..our back entrance door is located in here).  So..the gray paneling in a room with no windows..just made the room that much darker of an area.  And I don't know about yall..but I like a bright and cheery place where I do my laundry!  So..my solution?  I thought ok..since its such a small room and needs to be brightened up..I'm gonna go completely crazy and paint the room my favorite color.  ORANGE!  Yes folks you read right..I painted my laundry room orange.  It was hilarious when my dad was helping out with the painting we were doing and opened up the paint can.  He called out to me and was like "Mel..are..you......is THIS what you wanted?!".  He was rather puzzled by my color choice because well..its pretty bold..hehe!  And if your asking yourself if I like Rachael Ray since she also has a love of orange..the answer is a definte YES (I have her orange pots and pans currently)!  Anyways..enough rambling about my choice in color!  But before I show you my pictures..I do want to say I've been recently thinking of repainting the room since like I said before, it is so small and wouldn't take alot of paint or time to do.  My thinking?  Red perhaps..what do you guys think?  I love input!!  Onto some pictures!

                                                     (As you first walk in from the kitchen)

(The good ol' washer and dryer..nothing fancy here really)

(My laundry room "accessories"..old fashioned wash boards!)

Thats about it for my laundry room..I know its not much, but its my little corner of the house where I do spend ALOT of time!!  The one thing I can say about having my laundry room by the back door is that its very easy access when I go outside to hang clothes out to dry!!

Hope everyone has a great tuesday!



  1. Wow, at first it looked like a butternut yellow. Then I could see the orange in the last picture. If you love orange, then it works for you.

    I love orange in the fall of the year.

    If you are going to change the color, a buttery creamy yellow would be a warm color -- yet still sunshiny and bright.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. How nice that you have those cubboards and I love the wash boards so cute! Thanks for sharing Jenn

  3. love the old fashioned wash boards--how neat!!

  4. Cute! Hmmm...if you're collecting opinions (you know I've got no shortage of THEM!), I think red would be a little too dramatic for a laundry room. That from a lover of the color red! Hope you're having a great day!


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