Friday, July 2, 2010

Update on Thomas

I thought I'd fill everyone in on how our cat, Thomas, is doing after injuring himself earlier in the week.  I'm so happy to say..he's back to his old self!  Nothing a little rest and relaxation couldn't fix (isn't that the truth for all of us?).  We brought him inside on monday evening (he's an outdoor cat) so he could rest and not be trying to jump around like Tigger as he normally does.  We have a theory as to what caused his limping in the first place.  Lately, he had taken to jumping on top of one our buildings in the back granted its not very tall (5 feet or so)..but still..he was having a bad habit of sleeping on top of it (I guess he thinks he is Snoopy) its possible he either rolled off of it in his sleep (he is extremely clumsy..I'll explain in a bit why) or he just jumped off and hurt himself when he landed on the ground. 

(This is him on our building..wild cat!)

As you may or may not have noticed by now, Thomas only has one eye.  When we moved to our new home a little over a year ago, he actually belonged to one of our neighbors.  Damon was out by the creek fishing one day when Thomas made a new friend (Damon) and decided to come home with him.  Well..we tried to take him back to his owners, and he wouldn't have it.  As soon as you'd put him in their yard, he'd come straight back to our house.  Finally..the neighbors said it was fine with them if we kept him and claimed him as ours!  Anyways, back to his eye.  We heard the story told that a few years back..he was shot by someone around here with a bb gun.  They apparently got him in the eye and his previous owners had to take him to the vet where they had to remove it.  Thus..Thomas the one eyed cat!!

He is one of the sweetest cats I've ever had in my life!  Despite having such a rough life thus far, he seems to love almost everyone he encounters.  His pride enjoy would have to be Damon..I guess because he "found" him! 

(My of my favorite pics!)

He loves to be in our garden, watching the vegetables grow, or going for a walk with our dog Blaze (yes..he goes for dog walks..I really believe he thinks he is a dog sometimes!). 

(Thomas and the corn he came up all by itself so we figured he had something to do with it!)

He's also quite the character and sometimes we wonder about the guy!  But he is definately one of a kind..and I'm so glad he found us!!



  1. Really enjoyed your post this morning. I too am a cat lover with two of my own. Glad Thomas is better.

    Linda J

  2. That last pic of Thomas cracked me up!!! I needed it too b/c I just found a FLEA on Chester this morning. Eeewwww... I totally don't have time this weekend for flea control - I have an open house to get ready for - for crying out loud! Wish me luck...I'm off to the vet for Frontline, Ectokill, Advantage, and Capstar. Cha-ching :-(


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