Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Last Home Tour--Other Areas

Well..this is the final posting for the home tour over at Natalie's Extraordinary Love blog..I've had so much fun participating and don't know what I'm going to do for a tuesday post now!!  Anyways..since I didn't start participating until week 2 I believe it was..I missed out on the outdoor areas.  The one thing I am and have been VERY eager to show off is the homemade fountain my hubby made for me a couple weeks ago!!  I just LOVE it and its so pretty and looks just like it belongs..you know?  Here is a picture of it once we got everything pretty much the way we wanted..for now!

Also, like Natalie, an area in my house I didn't show off before was my small pantry area.  In our old house we rented, I pretty much had a whole, small room just for my pantry.  It was sooo cute..I had it decked out in gingerbread..painted the walls brown and had grapevine draped across the top of the walls for a "primitive" look.  Adorable!  In our new place..I have a small area where I put my pantry cabinet between the kitchen and dining rooms.  Since it sort of had its own little "space"..I decided to go ahead and keep my gingerbread theme and decorate as so!  Its a cute little "nook", imo! 

Hope you've enjoyed seeing the extra 'spaces' here at Country Roads!!  Ta-ta for now!



  1. Thanks for "following" me!

    Love the outdoor fountain -- so adorable!

  2. That is a fun fountain! Love that he made it himself for you! My hubby runs a hardscaping crew which installs rock features such water features, pondless streams, seating walls, fire pits, etc....and guess who doesn't have one in their own backyard? Ha! Can't wait till he has some time to fancy up our backyard with his expertise...handmade is the best! :) Don't you just love the sound it makes? Nothing is more relaxing than the sound of water!


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