Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Things that make you go "grrr"..

I thought I would bring up the subject of "pet peeves" today since I feel at times anyways, that I have many!  A few that comes to mind are:
  1. Drivers who dont use their turn signals
  2. People who (knowingly) use sarcasm as a way to be just plain rude
  3. Copycats
  4. "Bossy" people
  5. Nosey neighbors
I could list more but thought I'd stop at 5 and talk about one in particular that I dealt with today that really irked me!  Number 4 on the list..bossy people.  I was outside working today around the house in the sweltering heat, but taking frequent breaks as to not "overdo" it.  I'm no dummy..I know my limits!  I stopped when I'd had enough and went about the rest of my evening with hubby.  After dinner, we went for a brief walk with the dog and was stopped by one of my neighbors.  She proceeded to do something that totally annoyed me though I managed by the grace of God to keep myself from "breaking bad" on her (not that I ever would...but I was rather ticked off!) and I didn't say or do anything negative and managed to keep a smile despite the circumstance.  She pointed her finger at me..snarled her nose and said to me that I should "be beat to death for staying out in that heat today the way I did"!  Is it just me..or is that..uhh..a little MUCH?  First..she's not my mama..or even remotely close to have no business telling me what to do.  I obey God first..hubby second.  I'm not 8 years old..I'm a grown woman who knows her limits.  I handled the heat just fine, thankyouverymuch!  And lastly..don't you DARE point that finger at me lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can understand one being concerned for another for being out working on a hot day..but there are much nicer ways to show your concern..being "beat to death" isn't one of them in my book.  My other, thoughtful neighbor, was kind enough to bring me a couple bottles of cold water while I was working in between the breaks I was already taking for myself.  I'm not one to get mad easily..but that incident today just got to me.  Thank God I'm a christian woman is all I can say!!!! 

Every have an incident that just boils your blood?  How does God help you to handle those type situations?

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  1. I hope you get some of that news too!! It took us 6 months, so don't be too discouraged if it takes longer. But I hope it doesn't! ;)


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