Monday, July 19, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Happy Miscellany Monday everyone!!
  • Just got home from helping out at vacation bible school down at our church.  Its so much fun helping out in the kitchen w/my church family..making sandwiches for the kiddos!
  • One of those days when you don't know if its going to rain one moment, or be sunny the other.  I'm hoping for some sunshine..have a load of clothes that needs to get dried outside!
  • Our pear tree out back is so loaded with of the limbs is LITERALLY touching the ground!  I'm hoping to can some "pear honey"with some..anyone have a good recipe using pears?
  • Me and Damon watched Shrek 3 last night on tv.  We just love animated movies and can watch them over and over again (we've seen all the Shrek movies countless times).  I just love a good laugh!
  • Found out today a lady I go to church with "cleans" her trash..don't ask..I couldn't explain it if I tried!  ROFL!
  • My mind is completely blank I guess my miscellanies just ran out..have a great monday everyone!!!

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