Monday, July 12, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters this is my first time participating in Carissa's miscellany mondays so bear with me!  I thought after the weekend I just more perfect time than to try something new!

  • My weekend was full of so many ups and downs it was pitiful.  Granted..I was grateful to finally have Damon home for a weekend after working 12 days straight (yes..thats his schedule).  The best part?  I now am the proud owner of a homemade..handcrafted by my dear hubby..water fountain!  (pictures to be posted at a later time)  The worst part?  Damon now knows the cause of his blurry vision in his one eye..he has a cataract and will have to have surgery in the future sometime.

  • I love my new glasses and sunglasses!  Was able to finally find some frames that I like..and was suprised that I actually wasn't the one who picked was the saleslady.  That has never happened in all the many years I've worn glasses (since the 6th grade).

  • You ever wonder what bees are thinking?  I never did until saturday when one flew between my foot and flip flop as I was walking in our backyard and yeah..I got stung and the bee was squished.  Suicide or plain dumbness?  I dunno but now I'm left hobbling around on a swollen foot.

  • I've come to a can't make too many trips to Walmart.  We went to walmart on friday..when we were out on saturday I was already needing to go back..again.

  • This past weekend was one of those where it felt like everything I said..came out wrong.  Sometimes I feel so misunderstood.  Anyone else deal with that?

  • I've found that you find out who's really your friend/reliable source when you ask them to make an "emergency" trip thats 1 hour away to help you pick up something that won't fit into your vehicle.  Not so much an emergency for them..but for you when you realize your vehicle at home that will accomodate the oversized item might possibly break down from thus mentioned 1 hour trip.  Praise God for good people who are willing to help in times of stress!!!

  • Ever lock yourself out of your house?  I think since we've been married I've done it about 2 or 3 times.  Is that alot?  I don't ever remember my parents locking themselves out and they've been married over 30 years!! 

  • My mind is a total blank now..guess after a crazy weekend its telling me to relax now that its monday..but wait..aren't weekends suppost to be relaxing??
Happy Monday everyone!!  Hope yall have a great week!



  1. Hope your foot is ok! I hope to NEVER be stung by a bee NEVER! i HATE when you feel as though your friends are there, then when you really need them.. they are not. I feel SO MUCH support and love in bloggy lang its great. We are a network of moms, woman, crafters, creators, writers, and we support eachoter. It is great. Hope your week goes well. Have a great one, Jenn

  2. about that bee....dumbness. I fear things that sting far more than I fear spiders. I hate the whole just stand still and they won't bother you thing....I freak out while waiting for them to fly away. wasps are by far my least favorite! I feel the same way about wally world, but sadly mine frustrates me so much, I try to keep myself out of there. And about those sunglasses...there is just nothing better than a pair that's "you"!

    happy monday! hope it was great!


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