Wednesday, May 4, 2011

36 + Weeks!!

How far along?  36 weeks and 2 days

Movements?  Quite a bit still..she had a dance marathon this past friday night..all night!  Lovely!

Dr. Appt.?  Last friday when I went..she said I was dialated a 'fingertip'..which is less than 1 cm from what she told me!  I also got tested for Group B Strep..guessing I'll find out the results of that this week when I go back.  My blood pressure also was up CRAZY high (140 ish/110 ish) when they first took me back.  I thought to myself..oh we go.  But thankfully it came back down to normal (132/72) and there was nothing found in my urine to indicate pre-eclampsia or anything of that nature.  You might say I tend to have REALLY bad white coat syndrome!

Weight Gain?  Another 2 29 total.  :-p

What I miss most?  Doing things with ease.  I've decided cleaning the house every night after Damon goes to work is a no-go now.  I'm tapering back to every other night now.  Would be nice to be able to give myself a pedicure..but yeah..I can't reach my feet. 

Looking forward to?  Meeting my little Makayla!!

Baby Essentials?  I'm planning on getting Damon to install the car seat before my dr appointment this friday "just in case".  I also stopped by a yard sale monday and found some GREAT little clothes for her!!  Check out all this stuff..I paid less than $9 for everything..and its almost all brand name clothing!

Uncomfortable Moments?  Tuesday she just felt so BIG and I was feeling some pressure in my belly (like she was pressing out) I literally started to wonder if my water was going to break! 

Sleep?  Its not been great like before.  I finally figured though that I HAVE to have a pillow behind me (for back support) and one in front (for belly support) and leave a fan running on low all night to be comfortable.  I did this last night and slept better..but I had leg cramps so it wasnt as good of a sleep as I had hoped. 

Thoughts of the day?  I spend alot of time on the couch as of lately and I've found if they had a marathon of House Hunters (both original and international) and A Baby Story on tv all day..I'd probably never get up!!!


  1. I pray your blood pressure will remain at a healthy level.

    Your finds are cute!

    God bless you and little Makayla!


  2. Those clothes you found are adorable girl and at such a steal too...soooo cute!

    Can't believe in 20 something days you will have your little girl Miss hard to believe but at the same time I know you are super excited to meet her : )

    You still look beautiful girl and so happy..and always know im here thinking of and praying for you,makayla and damon always.


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